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Please see some of the direct feedback our clients have shared.
The names and identifying information have been omitted due to HIPPA privacy regulations.
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"Kristen has helped me reduce my anxiety I've had for years by understanding it with a different perspective, and working through it. I wouldn't be feeling as good as I do today without her help. She has been an amazing therapist who listens, provides support, and helps you come up with a plan at each session."
"The space is calming, and I feel seen and understood"
"Cindy Way is an amazing therapist. She has been instrumental in my path towards self-healing. I'd happily recommend Cindy and Hope Therapy Group to my inner network."
"I have never connected with a therapist like I have with the HOPE therapist that I have been seeing. I feel very understood and heard. Our sessions go by very fast and despite wanting to have more time at the end of every meeting, I feel extremely calm and peaceful after them."
"HOPE has provided me with excellent care. This is the first therapist I have been able to connect with on a deeper level and understands my issues. I believe I have made good progress in therapy and have been given the tools to tackle my issues"
"Ana-Lisa is incredible, she truly is passionate about helping people, she genuinely cares about people and has a compassionate heart. She is the only therapist that has made me feel heard and validated. I am so happy I found Hope Therapy group and they matched me with her, it's very refreshing to have a great fit on the first visit"
"After many years, I finally realized that it is time for me to begin the hard work of processing past trauma and work on managing my anxiety. My therapist has helped me to understand where much of my anxiety comes from and has taught me valuable strategies for coping and working through anxious moments that usually cause panic attacks. The strategies we work on together are working in my day-to-day life. For the first time in my adult life, I have so much more self-compassion. I am forever grateful to my therapist at Hope Therapy."
"Cindy is awesome, she meets you at where you are and is relatable. I'd recommend her to anyone."
"Kristen Garcia is an excellent therapist. She is compassionate and caring. She is an active listener and provides feedback to patients in order to help them with their issues. I worked with her for a year, and it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Kristen if you're looking for a caring and professional therapist to talk to."
"First of all, thank you so much for not only responding to my emails, but also how QUICKLY your team responds as well! Thanks Tamia! This is a stark difference between the majority of other therapists/groups I have contacted in my current and past experiences of searching for a therapist. Most of the time, I usually don't even get a response, so it can usually be quite a discouraging experience. Thank you!"
"My work with Hope Therapy Group has been super positive. My provider has been reliable, consistent, and helps push my thinking. I have gained tools that help me to process my problems and traumas. I appreciate how communicative my provider is, and flexible to move online if need be. The space is very welcoming and comfortable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. I am happy with my therapy here."
"The therapists here are super kind and understanding, I feel like I can genuinely trust my therapist and get the help I need. My therapist is not only someone that provides me guidance, but also someone that I look forward to seeing"
"I love Anna. She is so personable and has helped me work through issues I had in my life I didn't even know were issues. I would highly recommend her to everyone."
"It's ok to not be ok, and my HOPE therapist has been there for me the whole way."
"My therapist has working with me for over 2 years and I must say, she's definitely been my GO TO person."
"Thanks to hope therapy, I have been able to make better achievable goals, and have a plan for moving forward. My therapist helps me to stay focused on my road map for my goals. I have had a lot of tragic events happen very close together in my life, the counseling has helped me continue to exist and move past it and beyond, to whatever reason this life is meant for. They have been a good outlet for isolation brought on by covid as well, I highly recommend hope therapy, have wonderful day, and you matter as much as anyone else, you are important and needed, never forget and never despair. Things will get better if you give it time. God bless you!"